Frequently Asked Questions

1Are detergent bottles-containers recyclable?
Detergent bottles are consist of recyclable packaging
2What is the difference between Liquid laundry and Powder detergents?
-While powder detergents leave traces on clothes, this is not the case with liquid laundry detergents. -While powder detergent causes dirt and residues in the detergent drawer of the machine, this situation does not happen in liquid laundry detergent. -The latest technological washing machines work with a bubble system. The use of powder detergent in these machines can clog certain parts of the machine. Dust fragments that cannot dissolve or enter into the machine damage the machine by blocking certain places. This is not the case with liquid laundry detergents.
3What is the vegan detergent?
Detergents that do not contain any raw materials of animal origin and are produced without testing on animals are vegan detergents.
4How can I use bio dishwashing machine gel detergent?
-Instructions For Use: Put SirBio Dishwasher Gel Detergent in the detergent drawer of your dishwasher and select the appropriate program. Let's use the appropriate amount of detergent according to water hardness. Soft Medium Water : Light Dirt:"20 ml (1 cup)" - Medium Dirt ''25 ml (1+¼ cup)'' - Heavy Dirt ''30 ml (1+½ cup)'' Medium Hard- Very Hard Water : Light Dirt ''25 ml (1+¼ cup)'' - Medium Dirt ''30 ml (1+½ cup)'' - Heavy Dirt ''40 ml (2 cup)"
5What are the using areas of SIR Asprins Multi Purpose Stain Remover?
-For all textiles: before using, always try the product on an invisible part of the surfaces such as fabrics and carpets. For shirt, collar and sleeve dirt, apply the product directly to the dirty area. Gently scrape and wash in the machine. -Use in washing machines: in laundry, add half a cup of detergent to the main washing drawer according to the pollution situation and use the product. It can be used as the main washing detergent alone for the washing of sensitive textiles such as tulle, curtain, blanket. -Carpet and seat cleaning: on very dirty surfaces, apply the product on the stain, rub it with a sponge and rinse with a clean cloth. For lighter dirt, you can apply 5 times by diluting it. It can also be used safely in automatic carpet washing machines. -On hard surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and windows: apply the product directly on the dirty surface. Rinse with a clean damp cloth.
6Which surfaces can be cleaned by kitchen degreaser?
It is a powerful cleaner that is produced to clean the dirt and stains of burnt and unburned oil, milk, food residues that occur on wet surfaces of white goods found in kitchens (cooker, oven, hood, extractor fryer, etc.)
7What are the advantages of bio cleaning products?
-Tested hypoallergenically, it does not cause allergic reaction in case of direct contact with skin. -It does not cause negative effects on the environment and human health thanks to its self-soluble herbal extract raw materials without accumulating in nature. -Vegan certified, it has no animal content in its composition and certainly animal friends were not used as subjects in product tests. -It does not include phosphate, Paraben, chlorine raw materials which fall into the category of harmful raw materials.
8Why choose SIR Wc Gel toilet cleaner?
By clinging to the surface with the SIR Wc Gel formula, it destroys all stains and lime that form in sinks. While providing effective and hygienic cleaning in the toilets, a fresh smell spreads in the environment and eliminates bad smells.
9Are disinfectants safe?
Disinfectants are safe to use as long as the instructions for use are followed.
10Can disinfectants be used everywhere?
It can be used on painted, polished and matte wood surfaces, electronic goods and devices, phones, stainless steel, chrome surfaces and porcelain items. It leaves no traces on the surface and gives a bright appearance. It provides hygiene while cleaning. You can also use it safely for hygiene in sinks, toilets and bathrooms.
11Do disinfectants expire?
You can use it safely until the expiration date.
12Where Can I Get Glaze Products?
Secrets of products from all the chain stores in Turkey, as Hepsiburada online, available through Carrefour and Trendyol.
13What is the feature of Sır Bio products?
Sır Bio cleaning products are vegan certified, environmentally friendly products with nature soluble packaging and content.
14Are your products tested on animals?
None of Seba Kimya products are tested on our animal friends.
15Can I use your AsprinS product when cleaning my car's seats?
You can use our AsprinS product on all surfaces and the upholstery of your vehicle with peace of mind.